How Favorhood Works

On favorhood, neighbors either
ask for a favor, or offer a favor:

Grocery Shopping

Help with picking up items from the store. Whether an online delivery or a local shop - team up with your neighbors to ease the load and stay safe.

Mask Making

Ask your neighbors if you're looking for a mask yourself or perhaps for a local group or office. As we start getting out and about more, masks will be important!

Dog Walking

If you need help getting your pet more exercise or any other pet-related tasks, reach out to a neighbor who may be happy to help!

Technical Support

Is that pesky gadget giving you trouble? Reach out for some help, a neighbor might know of a good fix or be able to help you get back on track.

Emotional Support

Stay connected by chatting or having a call with a local neighbor. Whether it's over the phone or a socially-distanced chat, find somone near you who you can reach out to...

Bike Repairs

Reach out to your local neighbors if you need assistance with a bike tuneup, repair or related help. That bike guru in your neighboorhood might like to lend a hand!

Sending Mail & Packages

Need help with a heavy package or a delivery to the local post office or another drop off point? Ask a neighbor for a hand.

Other Help

Don't see what you need (or can help with) on the list? Just enter it in for neighbors to see.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

A new way to bring favors to your neighborhood.

Whether you are looking for help or willing to lend a hand, in just a few simple steps you'll be connecting with people around you!

  • Select the help you need or the help you can offer.
  • Connect with your neighbors as they join and you match.
  • Chat via the Favorhood app to coordinate and help each other!

Support Favorhood and keep the love going!

We created this app during a time of COVID-19, social distancing, and an increased awarness that we are better together, as equal and caring members of our communities and neighborhoods. It's a labor of love, and any donations are appreciated and go directly into paying the expenses and fees of running an app platform like this at scale.

Using the App

Have a family member you want to help remotely?

If you have a family member or friend that lives far away, Favorhood is a great tool to help reach out to neighbors that can help. For those older adults who need to shelter-in-place or manage their exposure sensitively - try registering with their address (not yours), connect with their neighbors, and find someone that can help out!

Frequently Asked Questions

A few of our most common questions:

I'm not seeing any other map pins in my neighborhood, what's up?

We've just launched the Favorhood App, and it's very likely you could be the first in your neighborhood. If that's the case - spread the word and share Favorhood with your neighbors, help them get onboard, and start connecting!

The other issue may be that there are no 'matches' - which means no one is providing the 'favor' you are looking for, and vice versa - if you're willing to help out, there may not be anyone that's currently looking for that type of help. No worries - just keep trying, connecting, and sharing - the app will do the rest!

I'd like to use the app for my parents who live far away, can I do that?

Absolutely, yes! That's a big reason why we created the app. Simply put in your parent address, and you can then 'manage' your connections in their neighborhood from the app. It's a great way to help from afar, and connect with helpful and caring neighbors near them.

4. I’d like to offer help but I don’t see it listed in the main categories.

The best way to add new favors is to use the 'Other' category. Simply select it from the list and then type in whatever you are willing to help out with OR what you are looking for. The app will help make connections and match people looking for, and people providing, that same favor.

Are businesses and other organizations on Favorhood?

No. At the moment, Favorhood has been built for neighborhood connections only. For kind neighbors, helping each other in a small radius that is limited to around 1/2 mile from your address. Could that include a small business? Yes. As long as that neighborhood shop is providing a valuable service and a helping hand, we're in support of it!

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Like all networking & community platforms, success is dependent on people joining - so please spread the word, try it out with your neighbors, and join forces to help each other through these challenging times. We're hear to help, listen, and support as best we can.

Favorhood is a platform for neighborhoods and communities to connect, look after one another, and be stronger, together. Whether you are looking for help or willing to lend a hand, in just a few simple steps you'll be connecting with people around you!